Picture perfect


We have family photos this morning, which I’m so looking forward to (Kelly does amazing work!), but has also been a source of a little stress.  Planning outfits for two more people that weren’t too matchy, but also, ya know… matched, was a job.  We’re also having shots taken with my sister’s family and my parents, so I’m hoping there are no great clashes among our outfit choices.

We (read: I) decided that soft, muted neutrals were best for this year’s photos.  I found Natalie’s dress first, and used that as a guide.  It has cream, tan, and peachy-pink tones, and I added brown boots and a cream-colored scarf.  Viv is in the same color scheme, and I might add a headband to her outfit if she’ll tolerate it.  Logan is in a denim button-down and khakis, with a puffy vest that pulls in some of the cream and peach colors that his sisters are wearing.  Mike will be in jeans and a tan sweater, and I think I’ll be in a cream sweater dress with a denim jacket, leggings, and boots.  Dressing this postpartum body is a bit of a chore, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I ditch my planned outfit at the last minute.

We’re doing pictures at Harmony Hill Farm, at my friend Tammy’s beautiful barn and around her property.  Cross your fingers for good weather, big smiles, and no crying babies!  I’ll share some of our shots when I have them, of course.  🙂


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