this kid

Mike and I have both commented recently on how lucky we are that Natalie has taken to her big sister role so well.  She is easily the twins’ favorite person, and Logan is especially enamored with her.  Watching our children so naturally love each other as they develop sibling relationships is one of the greatest joys of adding Vivian and Logan to our family.

In addition to being our best helper with the babies, Natalie is also having a great year at school.  She loves the routine of school and thrives in a structured classroom environment.  She’s reading like a pro (she just read Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose, in its entirety, to us at bedtime last night!), acing her spelling tests, doing simple addition, and generally just gobbling up anything she’s taught.  Her favorite class is library, though all of the “Specials” (art, music, gym, guidance) are pretty high on her list.

Even our recent move hasn’t seemed to phase her, which amazes me.  She loves her new room, having a playroom and a big yard, and the shorter commute to school has been a big bonus.  She is a pretty resilient, optimistic kid and we feel so lucky that she is ours.  I would love to press pause on this stage, with two happy, healthy babies and our independent big girl wowing us with all that she is learning and doing.



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