Halloween was a bit of a blur this year, but we managed to pull it off!  Natalie spotted a flowy white gown in TJ Maxx at the end of August that was part of a Cleopatra costume and insisted that she have it for Halloween.  She didn’t have a clue who Cleopatra was, but the gold arm bands and ruffly sleeve caps were enough to convince her that it was the perfect costume.  It actually provided a nice opportunity to teach her something new, and she got very into the idea of the straight hair and cat eye makeup (of course).


I gave her naturally wavy hair a blowout on Sunday night after her bath, and straightened the ends so she’d be ready for her costume parade at school the next day.  We spent 15 minutes or so before heading out to a Trunk-or-Treat event re-straightening as needed and getting her makeup on.  I found some ideas on Pinterest that I used as a guide and Nat was pleased as punch with the results.  We also followed an easy tutorial for adding streaks of glitter to her hair that was just a matter of mixing glitter with hair gel and combing through (or painting on, in our case) strands to add some flash.


I decided pretty early on that I wanted to dress the babies up as dragons so I could do a very simple play on a Khaleesi costume.  After first ordering them costumes that were HUGE, we borrowed one from their cousin Lydia and I purchased a new one that was much smaller.  The headpieces weren’t exactly easily wearable, but the babies were SO cute in their little outfits!

Adding to the chaos of getting three littles ready for Halloween was Mike’s call for jury duty, which he needed to report for bright and early at a courthouse over an hour from our house.  After seeing him off in the morning, I managed to get the kids packed up in the van to bring Natalie to school, along with her costume and treats for her class party.  Thankfully, my parents came down to assist for the day, and Mike was ultimately not selected as a juror, so we had four adults on-hand for the evening.


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