My bags are packed

Okay, they’ve been packed for weeks.  You may remember a similar post from a few years back, when I had my bags all packed for our hospital stay after Natalie’s birth.  As much as I tried to “pack light” when pregnant with Nat, I still overdid it and brought way more than we needed.  At the last minute, I tossed in extra clothes, toiletries, entertainment, etc. that I never touched.  This time around, I have tried to stick to a lighter load of essentials that I know I’ll need. We’l see how I feel once I’m there, but I think we’ve covered our bases pretty well!

I’ve had bags packed since I was 28 weeks pregnant, at the advice of my OB.  The majority of multiples births are the result of preterm labor, and she encouraged us to be prepared. It  has felt strange to see those bags just hangin’ out waiting for us over the past months, but even stranger to think that we’ll actually be USING their contents in mere days!

First, a reminder about what the hospital will provide, which guided my packing quite a bit this time around.  For me, they’ll have hospital gowns, mesh undies, jumbo pads, compression socks, post-surgery girdle/belly band, and breast pumping options (handheld or electric).  The cafeteria will provide our meals, and plenty of snacks and juice are at the ready from the amazing nursing staff. For babies, they’ll have clothes, diapers, bathing essentials, swaddling blankets, and anything else they will need during our stay.  We also live very close to our hospital (less than a 10 minute drive) and my parents will be staying with Natalie at our house, so we have quick and easy access to anything we may decide we need from home!

With that in mind, my recommended list of stuff for babies is:

  • going home outfits, with hats and mittens (we have a set of lightweight sleepers and a set of heavier fleece sleepers)
  • car seats, installed with covers in case it’s cold (hello, Maine in March)
  • a couple of receiving blankets that will feel more special than the hospital-issued ones, which we’ll want when taking some photos of the little bundles

For me, we’ve packed a snack bag and a “stuff” bag, which includes:

  • two lightweight nursing nightgowns and a lightweight bathrobe
  • going home outfit (loose, high-waisted sweats that won’t irritate my incision, a pair of flip-flops to cram my swollen feet into, and an oversized button down)
  • toiletries (I’ll be there at least two nights, so a shower is a definite–I’m bringing shampoo & conditioner, unscented body lotion, makeup removing wipes and face lotion, and plenty of hair ties)
  • makeup (not for a full face, but some tinted face lotion, concealer, chapstick, and blush will help me feel human for photos!)
  • pillows for both of us, one boppy pillow, and an extra blanket for Mike’s cot
  • phones, Mike’s tablet, and our laptop (with cords!)
  • camera and extra batteries, plus our battery charger
  • gifts for Natalie from the babies
  • snack bag (with juice boxes, instant oatmeal, trail mix, granola bars, and an enormous water bottle)



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