The growing bump

We’re in the home stretch at last!  I am still amazed every day at how much my body is stretching to accommodate these two growing babies.  At 33 weeks I’ve gained 40 pounds and can feel it everywhere.  I’m officially in the uncomfortable stage of my 3rd trimester, and end most days struggling to find a position that provides some relief.

I’ve found that when I’m active (I try to squeeze in laps through our labyrinth of a school building every day) I can manage the discomfort better, and sitting is the hardest on my body.  I’m not sure if it’s just sitting in hard chairs or that the act of sitting causes my stomach to pull on my back in a different way, but the days when my lesson plans involve more seat time leave me in agony by the time I get home.  Mike pampers me with nightly backrubs, and I spend most evenings lying down on my side after plenty of stretching.

Here are the latest belly photos, including 32 (at the top), 31, 26, and 23 weeks (on the bottom, L-R):


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