Preparing for Twins: Part 2

Preparing our home for twins has been a challenge, to say the least.  We currently live in a 2-bedroom duplex (we live on one side and rent out the other side), which feels like tight living quarters for just the three of us.  Our house was on the market for a year, and we will list again this spring in hopes that it will sell and we can buy something big enough for our family of 5.  If we’re not able to sell, we’re prepared to hunker down and make do with a small space until I am back at work full time.  Because I won’t be working next year, we have to be cautious about jumping into a new living space that will be impossible to afford on one income.

To prepare for the possibility of squeezing three kids into a 2-bedroom home, we swapped sleeping quarters with Natalie over Christmas break.  She is now in the bigger bedroom, where two cribs will be added if needed.  The babies will be in our room overnight for the first several months of their lives anyway, and getting Natalie into the bigger room meant some of her toys could move from our common living space into her new bedroom.

Aside from decluttering our living space and making tentative steps towards a shared bedroom for all of the kids, we tried to make sensible decisions about what baby gear was essential, what we definitely needed two of, and what we could do without altogether.  Ask me how accurate this list is when we’re a few months in with twins… 🙂  Here’s our list of essentials, including links to the brands I chose after lots of research:

Twin-specific necessities:

  • Pack’n’Play with double bassinets
  • Double stroller that’s compatible with our car seats (we got a used one in beautiful condition for a steal)
  • Double jogging stroller (we were gifted one second hand)
  • Double baby carrier(s) – these are our picks: front/back and side/side
  • Breastfeeding support pillow (I still have my Boppy and a friend gave me hers, so we will have two to use for tummy and play time, but feeding two at once will require the big one!)

Double up on:

  •  car seats & bases
  • cribs (We are choosing separate sleeping quarters from the get-go! We’ll use Natalie’s old crib and a used one gifted to us by a friend)
  • diapers & wipes (disposables for the first month, switching to cloth sometime thereafter)
  • Bumbo seats (Natalie’s old one & one used that was gifted by a friend)
  • clothes, bibs, blankets, and burp cloths (we have a combination of Natalie’s old clothes and used/new stuff gifted by friends and family)
  • high chairs
  • swings
  • bottles & milk storage
  • grocery cart hammocks (a luxury item, but one I hope will get lots of use while I’m doing errands on my own next year with two babes in tow!)

Stick with one:

  • changing table (we have a used one gifted by a friend)
  • play mat
  • breast pump (double electric covered by our insurance)
  • diaper pail & wet bag
  • video monitor
  • dresser (we got a HUGE one at a discount furniture place that has enough drawers to separate gender-neutral and gender-specific clothes)
  • diaper bag (we’re using the same oversized one we had with Nat)
  • white noise machine
  • infant tub

We have been incredibly lucky that generous friends and family have gifted us with almost everything we need for these babies.  I’m sure there will be things we considered essential with Natalie that we end up rarely using, and things that we end up finding we can’t live without that we had originally dismissed…. but only time will tell!  I plan to do an updated “essentials for twins” post when we’re a few months into their lives.



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