Babying the Bump: Part 2

This growing belly requires an awful lot of fuel to keep it going!  A twin pregnancy requires between 500 and 700 additional calories a day (a rule of thumb is 300 additional calories per baby, per day) to keep everyone growing at a healthy rate.  This pretty much means I’m eating every 3 hours, which didn’t feel as necessary when I was pregnant with Natalie.  It’s a big shift from the diet changes Mike and I took on during and after our Whole 30 experience last winter, and I often feel like my entire day revolves around food.

My weekdays are pretty structured, thanks to my school-day schedule.  This means my eating habits Monday through Friday are incredibly predictable, which is way better than my Saturday/Sunday snack-fests.  My body does much better with a routine!

A typical day of eating while carrying Flotsam and Jetsam looks like this:

6am – Breakfast (2 eggs over easy with half an avocado and whole wheat toast or English muffin); my sole cup of coffee with half & half; 6 oz of cranberry or grape juice, to wash down my supplements (prenatal vitamin, probiotic, calcium with vitamin D, fish oil, and extra vitamin C)

7:30am – ginger/lemon herbal tea

8:45am – Snack (Greek yogurt or banana with almond butter)

11:45am – Lunch (typically leftovers that will include protein, a starch, and green vegetable and a small fruit salad of melon/pineapple/berries/kiwi) with what remains of my first 20 oz water bottle of the day

2:15pm – Snack (banana or apple with cashews) and the remainder of my second 20 oz water bottle

5:30pm – Supper (protein, starch, green vegetable) with more water

7:30pm – Snack (usually cereal with milk) with more water

My goal is a gallon of water a day, and roughly 2800 calories.  I don’t count calories AT ALL anymore, but try to eat foods that are high in protein and fiber, and listen to my body when it’s full.  As my uterus expands, I know my stomach will feel full more quickly and it will be tougher to get in all the nutrients I need in my third trimester.  My weight goal has been 28 pounds by 28 weeks, and my OB has urged 35 – 45 pounds of total weight gained by my delivery date.  At 22 weeks, I’m 23.5 pounds up from my pre-pregnancy weight, which feels just about right.

Next in taking care of this growing bump:  Exercise and Rest


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