A peek inside: 21 weeks

Our anatomy scan at 21 weeks was a lengthy process–70 pictures apiece of our growing babes and their little parts.  My appointment was scheduled for early afternoon, which meant we’d need to pull Natalie out of school in order for Mike to come with me.  We decided that since the three of us had all been there for the big gender reveal at 16 weeks, we wouldn’t take Natalie out of school for another appointment.  Instead, my mom and dad tagged along for this peek inside my belly.

We were relieved to see that both babies are growing right on track, each measuring around the 45th percentile.  Knowing that they are average size for a singleton pregnancy is a huge weight off my shoulders and the reassurance I need that my crazy food-focus is paying off.

Here they are, starting with Baby Girl:

21 Weeks - Baby A Girl 121 Weeks - Baby A Girl 2

Poor thing is still a bit squished down at the bottom of my uterus, which made measuring her head (which was crammed down toward my right hip) a challenge.  She had a strong heartbeat and gave us lots of entertaining wiggles throughout her scan.

Baby Boy:21 Weeks - Baby B Boy 121 Weeks - Baby B Boy 3

He sits higher up in my belly, and is definitely the more aggressive kicker of the two.  I can feel her shifting and rolling low in my belly, while I feel him rearing back and kicking hard up toward my ribs.  While we were watching the anatomy scan, I saw the great force he’s using to donkey-kick backwards from a curled up position–it was incredible to see what’s causing those jabs!

They are both moving regularly enough that I can feel them throughout the day, and spend time nightly with a glass of cold water counting kicks.  Natalie has finally felt some strong kicks, which has made the pregnancy feel even more exciting.  Her belly rubs and kisses are simply too sweet!


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