Babying the Bump: Part 1

As this belly of mine stretches and strains with each passing week, I’ve been thinking about the ways this pregnancy has been different than my first go round.  Much of my experience carrying twins (so far) has echoed my time with Natalie in utero, but there are some differences in the way I need to treat my body that I wanted to record here on the blog.  Namely, the Big Three are: diet, exercise/rest, and skincare.  I’m going to devote a post to each, starting today with skin.

I remember battling some skin issues with Natalie (facial acne, rough skin on my upper arms, some belly itchiness in my third trimester, and a few stretch marks), but this time I feel like my body has turned on me from the start!  Restrictions on skincare products during pregnancy mean I can’t get overzealous in how I deal with these issues, but I’m finally finding a routine that seems to be working.

From the start of my pregnancy, I have battled blotchiness and acne (that pregnancy glow, I guess…).  A mild, natural body scrub has helped minimize some of the blotchy redness on my chest and arms, and I follow up with some Bio Oil a couple of times a week.  I’ve used apple cider vinegar as a toner on my face as needed, and tea tree oil in moderation has helped minimize some of the biggest whopper zits on my face, too (talk to your doctor before any essential oil use during pregnancy–and never ingest tea tree oil during pregnancy!).

I’m sure I won’t escape stretch marks on my belly this time around (with Natalie, the worst of the tiger stripes were on my breasts and upper thighs), and my belly has already started itching like crazy.  That “my skin is going to rip open if it keeps growing” feeling is also in full force already, and I’m just barely over halfway through this belly-expansion project.  I used a variety of belly butter concoctions with my first pregnancy, I am sticking with Palmer’s exclusively these days.  It provides the most immediate relief to the itchiness, smells mild, and absorbs quickly enough that I don’t end up with oily residue all over my maternity pants.

Up next…. Part 2:  Multiples Pregnancy Diet



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