size matters

I was told at my last prenatal appointment that 40 pounds is the “goal” weight gain for a twin pregnancy, which I don’t imagine struggling to achieve.  I gained 50 with Nat, and I seem to be growing at a pretty rapid rate so far with this pregnancy!  My multiples-pregnancy research has been pretty clear on the issue of weight gain–the more, the better (for the most part).  Mothers expecting multiples who gain 35 or more pounds are more likely to have babies with comparable birth weights to their singleton counterparts, and the amount of weight gain by 28 weeks is the number one predictor for a full-term multiples pregnancy with healthy birth-weight babies.  My most important jobs right now are eating, resting, and drinking lots of water.  I’m trying to enjoy this crazy growing-belly phase!

Below are my most recent belly photos:  16 weeks (15 pounds gained), 17 weeks (18 pounds gained), 18 weeks (19 pounds gained).
16 Weeks 5               17 Weeks 1          18 Weeks 1

For comparison, here are my belly photos with Nat:  16 weeks, 18 weeks, and 19 weeks.





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