one of each


A few weeks ago, we got the exciting news that Natalie will have both a baby brother AND a baby sister!  Our family of three attended my 16-week ultrasound appointment together, crossing all our crossables that we would get a good enough look at both babies to determine their sexes.  Luckily, both of the wee ones cooperated!

16 Weeks - Baby A 1 - Girl         16 Weeks - Baby A 3

Baby A, our girl, is sitting lower in my abdomen and was tougher to see.  Our ultrasound tech gave us a “best guess” that she was a girl before moving on to measuring her head circumference, femur length, and heartbeat.  I watched Nat’s face drop as the tech warned us not to hold her to the estimation that there was a girl down there.

16 Weeks - Baby B 1 - Boy        16 Weeks - Baby B 4

Baby B, our boy, is higher up in my abdomen and was much easier to see.  He gave us lots of clear profile shots of his sweet face and had an unblocked view that meant the tech could give us a definite “boy” verdict.  Natalie’s pouty, “Oh, I just hope there’s a girl in there!” made the tech chuckle, and she gamely glided the dopplar back down my abdomen to try for a better look at Baby A.  She snapped a couple of pictures, zoomed in close, and gave Natalie the “Yes, it’s a sister!” announcement that she had been hoping for.

More importantly, our ultrasound showed two healthy and active babies with strong heartbeats and measurements on track for their fetal age.  Phew!  Both babies were estimated to weigh 6 ounces at that point, and had heartbeats ranging from 145 – 165 bpm.  I’ll be back on the sonogram table in a couple of weeks for the full anatomy scan, and we’re hoping both babies have continued to stay close in size and grow at a rate comparable to a singleton pregnancy.

In the meantime, we’re tossing name ideas around and getting used to the idea of calling Nat’s siblings “brother” and “sister,” which feels surreal!


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