road to recovery


I’ve mentioned a couple of times that there were some challenges in our otherwise fun summer vacation, and many of you know that one of those challenges was that I (finally!) scheduled shoulder surgery for the end of July.  For nearly two years I’ve alternately ignored and tried to treat shoulder pain that radiated through my collar bone and made it impossible for me to do any physical activity that required me to raise my left arm over my head.  I was foolish enough to put off dealing with it throughout last year’s Jeerleading season, until my final cartwheel at our last hafltime show knocked some sense into me.  It hurt.  A lot.

I finally wised up and did all of the responsible things like going to physical therapy, getting an MRI, experimenting with acupuncture, and managing my pain with a cortisone shot.  Nothing worked, and my doctor advised acromioplasty to remove a bone spur and clean up some damage around my rotator cuff.  I dreaded it, but it seemed like my only remaining choice (other than just living with the pain).

So I did it.  And it was kind of terrible.


Mike was in charge of getting my hair out of my face, and this is what I ended up with.

 For about 10 days, I was pretty much couch-bound.  I couldn’t do anything that required use of my arm (like, you know, washing my hair and dressing myself), and I generally just felt useless and frustrated.


After those first tough days, though, my recovery became incredibly smooth.  I’m 6 weeks post-op and finally cleared for light cardio and occasionally lifting Natalie.  My physical therapist says I’m ready to start doing some slow strength-building, and I should be pretty much “normal” within the next 6 weeks.  It’s been hard, and the end of each school day finds me exhausted and sore, but I think I’m starting to see the finish line.


One thought on “road to recovery

  1. So glad you are on the mend! I’m sure the challenges will be worth it in the long run when you no longer suffer from shoulder pain all the time 🙂

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