summer of concerts


Have I already overshared about our Summer of Concerts?  Because I’m about to reshare all of it either way, so I should probably do an obligatory apology right up front.  I know it’s overkill.  But the truth is that a lot of Summer 2013 was really hard work (more on that later), and these concerts helped soften much of that real world stuff.

Sometime last winter, Mike got a notification that Jay Z and Justin Timberlake tickets were going on sale for their Legends of Summer tour, and bought us a pair for their Fenway (!!) show as a 30th birthday present pour moi.  I nearly died, obviously.

The thing is, in the process of booking said birthday tickets, the Moo went down the rabbit hole of TicketMaster and suddenly we had also purchased tickets to Dave Matthews Band, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, T.I. & Li’l Wayne, and Ke$ha.  Plusalso?  The Spin Doctors were coming to town for Lobster Fest.

“Well,” shrugged the Moo, “I guess it’ll be the Summer of Concerts, then.”


First on our list was DMB at SPAC, an open-air arena with tons of lawn seating.  We met up with Jen & Chris for the show, and decided as a group to make the best of the dreary concert conditions.  The show?  Was a blast.  I hadn’t seen them in concert in years, and had totally forgotten the awesome that is a Dave Matthews Band crowd.  We danced like crazy and got all googly-eyed over how sweet it was to see that college kids still fall in love at DMB concerts.

 IMG_2262    IMG_2264

Almost exactly a month later, on the eve of my 30th, we headed back to upstate New York for another show at SPAC.  It was our second time seeing Tom Petty (this time with unexpectedly pleasant surprise of opening act The Wallflowers), with pretty much the same group of people.  It was a blast to dance away the last night of my twenties, and I left feeling like it was probably the best concert of my life.

IMG_3308 - Copy

We ended up selling our T.I. & Li’l Wayne tickets (the show was the night before I was scheduled to have shoulder surgery), so our next show was early in August, at Lobster Festival here in Rockland.  The Spin Doctors were scheduled to headline the event, which seemed like too much fun to miss.  It was Nat’s first concert, and she loved it.  Girlfriend danced in the rain like nobody’s business.

IMG_3547 - Copy

IMG_3573 - Copy         IMG_3591 - Copy

The Jay Z and JT show was easily the best of all the shows we saw.  We took the Downeaster into Boston and stayed at a hotel right near Fenway, so we didn’t have to deal with driving (well, parking) in the city, which made the whole overnight feel like a mini-vacation.  Natalie stayed at home with my mom, and it felt so luxurious to travel sans toddler.  The show was amazing, but we were pretty much expecting it to be amazing.

IMG_4322 - Copy

IMG_4347 - Copy

Our final show of the season was this past Friday night, at the Bangor Waterfront.  It’s another open-air arena, right on the riverfront in downtown Bangor.  Nat had an overnight with her Bampa and Mimi this time around, while Mike and I had an overnight in the Casino hotel and saw Ke$ha and Mike Posner.  It was a ridiculously fun show, with limited security to keep anyone from getting right up near the stage.  Because Natalie is such a Ke$ha fan, we knew every word to every song.  


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