shop my closet {part 1 of 3}



I’ve been hanging on to a bunch of clothes (mine & Natalie’s) to sort into save, donate, consign piles–it was one of my summer vacation organization goals.  Well, I’ve got a week of summer vacation left, and the clothes don’t seem any closer to sorting themselves… so today was the day.  I haven’t had great luck with the consignment shops in my area, so I thought I’d try another Shop My Closet on the blog in the hopes of a better return.

I’ll have three posts total: this one, of toddler shoes; one of my clothes (mainly dresses, and some shorts); and one of toddler clothes (an assortment, but mostly gender-specific in size 3T).  Prices will be uniform by post, and shipping is included.  Email me (hilaryflagg[at] for PayPal information.  It’ll be first-come/first-served, and I’ll close sales at noon next Saturday (8/24).

{Part 1: Toddler Shoes}

$5 a pair, unless otherwise noted
All shoes have no more than light wear showing, with treads all intact

shoes 1

Toddler size 9:  Pink & Black Danskin sneakers; White Flower Cherokee sandals; Gold Cherokee Flats

shoes 2


Toddler size 8:  Brown Faux-Leather TKS flats; Blue Denim Okie-Dokie flats; Pink Minni slippers; Black & Red Waterproof Totes winter boots (this pair is the only price exception–they’re $10 w/shipping)


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