celebrating 30 was a circus


So Mike turned 30 in Febrary, I turn 30 next month, and we decided that was a good excuse to make our favorite people drive  super far distances to celebrate with us.  Our trick paid off, and we had a blast.  I was so excited for an excuse to actually put some of my Pinspiration into real-life action!

Here are a few (okay, a million) photos of our fun, with some links to the stuff I pinned from other fabulous circus parties:














The party was at a local bar & restaurant that we used to spend more time at than our own home (back in our first apartment, when we were carefree & childless).  They have a good-sized dining/function room with plenty of space for us to set up a dart board, homemade Plinko! board, photo booth, snacks, and cupcakes.  Plus plenty of light fixtures for me to hang ridiculous Oriental Trading circus decorations from.

The Plinko! board was probably my favorite party item, and it wouldn’t have been possible without Harper & Mandy.  Mike dug a random piece of plywood out of the basement, which I painted & prepped, and thankfully these two the rest of the work.  I couldn’t find a great tutorial online, but after I found something to use as a disk (the lid to some kids’ goop-stuff called Flarp) we just added a 1/2″ to the diameter and spaced the nails accordingly.  I love how it turned out, and plan on using it all summer in our backyard.



Games were a hit at the party, between Harper’s dart board and Plinko!, though our ring toss game got lost in the shuffle and didn’t get a lick of use.


A few links for your own Pinspired pleasure:  I printed a bunch of vintage-y circus/carnival posters like this to string up around the room; used this kiddo’s party as photo booth inspiration (clown noses!); copied some Concession Stand ideas (cotton candy!) from this birthday party; spray painted plastic animals gold for decorations, as in the party featured here; and more.  See my full 30’s a Circus Pinboard for the full range of my obsessive planning.


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