the reason for the season


Oh, hi.  Remember me?


C’mon, don’t be mad.  I swear my (weekslong?  monthslong?) absence hasn’t been on purpose.  We’ve been busy around here, and I just haven’t had the energy or motivation or time to blog at the end of the day.

Here, proof we’ve been busy:


My sister and Trabbis got engaged!  Natalie (along with our entire family) is thrilled.


Mikey & I celebrated our thirtieth birthdays (his belatedly, mine early) with a slew of our most favorite people.


We’ve been outside enjoying spring now that it’s finally arrived in Maine.  Playgrounds when we pick Natalie up after school, marshmallow roasting in our backyard after dinner, planting seedlings (and subsequently drowning them–thanks, Nat) on the weekends, and generally just soaking up any second of sunshine we can get.


All those excuses aside, I miss blogging.  And so I’m going to make an effort to do it more.  Step 1:  write apology post.  Check!

It’s Mother’s Day, and so far I’ve spent my time in predictable ways (sleeping in! receiving flowers!) and enjoying sweet surprises (video from Nat!  breakfast picnic with takeout from my favorite place!), and now I’m taking advantage of naptime with a movie on the couch with The Moo & blogging.  Thanks for being born, Nats, so I get the gift of this lovely Mother’s Day!


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