happy birthday, part 2

3nat bday 4

Dear Natalie,

It has been (what feels like, anyway) a very long time since I have written you one of these letters.  Today, you are 3 years old and I don’t even know where to begin.  You are my favorite person in the world, despite the emotional roller coaster you take me on each day.  Each day I am proud of you.  Every day you frustrate me.  I am taken aback at your ability and accomplishments over and over again.  You are (nearly always) polite, funny, charming, brave, and curious.  You are (quite frequently) stubborn, fastidious, snuggly, and patient.  You are (rarely) inconsolable, frustrated, satisfied, and willing to eat green vegetables.

Lately you are obsessed with learning your letters, and we have made a prediction that you will start to read by your 4th birthday.  You almost never sit still for an activity beyond a few minutes, but you are willing to trace and freehand your letters over and over.  So far, you can write N, M, H, O, and Q without any trouble.  You are learning P, F, C, and A, and are starting to independently name things that start with the correct letter.  I don’t think much could make your English literature major parents prouder than seeing you form a love of language.

I have loved watching you become more independent over this past year; two was, indeed, terrible at times, but it was also a genuine pleasure to see you truly blossom from young toddler to little kid.  You love to dance, you pick your own outfits, you help cook anything and everything, your favorite color is pink, and you are obsessed with Hello Kitty.  As much as I see us in you, Daddy and I both say all the time how amazing it is that you are such a unique little person.

This will be a big year for you!  I think you’ll love being 3.  You’ll start preschool and take swimming lessons, you’ll  learn how to play more games and complete more puzzles, you’re finally old enough to go to sports camp and play in the big kid room at the Children’s Museum, and so much more.  It’s going to be more fun than your little self can even imagine!  You are such a capable child these days, and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for our family this year.

Love, love, love,

your Mommy


2 thoughts on “happy birthday, part 2

  1. Your letters always make me teary…but in a great way 🙂 Natalie is such a blessed little girl to have such love surrounding her all the time. Can’t believe how fast she has grown from tiny little infant to precocious 3-year-old – and I can’t wait to see her soon!! 🙂

  2. I’m with Amanda, Hoo. Your letters are beautiful, thoughtful, emotional and honest. Someday, our little girl is going to see them and know that she has been fully and completely loved every day of her life.

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