bowl me over

We celebrated Natalie’s 3rd birthday this past weekend with a bowling party that she essentially planned herself.  We scaled way back on the birthday part madness of years past (1st birthday & planning, 2nd birthday & planning) by simply asking Natalie what she wanted her party to be like.  She informed us that she wanted pizza, bowling, and her grandparents.  We obliged.

We rented out two lanes at a local candlepin bowling alley, ordered the pizzas in-house, and had a blast watching each other try to knock a few pins down.  My dad claimed he had not been bowling since 1959, and only five of us present had ever attempted candlepin before, so it was kind of a hoot to play with absolute zero care over the scores.

We ended the afternoon with cake and ice cream (& presents, of course) back at our place.  We laughed and ate and drank coffee and applauded for everything Natalie did .

 nat bday


nat bday 2


nat bday 3

It was a great (and exhausting) day.



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