I honestly can’t believe she’s used it for this long, but I am beyond thrilled to share that Natalie is officially binky-free.  Finally.

We’ve been prepping her for a couple of weeks that, on the eve of her 3rd birthday party, the Binky Fairy would stop in for a visit while Natalie slept to take her binky and leave a small gift in exchange.  Nat’s old binky would then be taken to a baby who needed it, we told her.  Then we kept telling her and crossed all our crossables that she would actually buy it and that we’d have the courage to go through with it.  Girlfriend has not had a night’s sleep without her binky since she was a few weeks old (to think, we forced the binky on her!).  Her naps at daycare are all binky-free, but anytime she’s slept outside of school and the car, she’s had that sucker plugged in.

But no more.  Phew.  Nat had asked the Binky Fairy for a pink coat and a yellow purse, which were wrapped up in her bedroom doorway when she woke up on Saturday morning… with no binky.  She asked a few questions (“Does the Binky Fairy have shoes?”  “Did she use our front door?”  “Was I asleep when she was here?”), and let it go.  No fight.  No fuss.

That night, she was overtired from her birthday party and we dreaded our first bedtime without the binky.  But it was nothing.  Seriously.  I have no idea why or how this plan actually worked, but it has been fine without her binky.  It has taken her slightly longer to fall asleep each night, but that’s it.   We are now left scratching our heads over why we waited so long.


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  1. That is great that she is binky free! Lily used hers until about 3 months and then decided that I was a much better binky. I thought that was ok until she decided that she likes to sleep next to me at night so she can have that binky all night long…I have tried giving her the binky again but she refuses it. Little monster! Happy birthday to little miss natalie!

  2. We ended up having the same experience – we were prepping Mason for the Easter Bunny to take his Nuk and give it to babies and leave him a toy. The week before Easter, he announced he didn’t want a baby to have his Nuk and threw it away and hasn’t looked back. All that stress and worry for nothing! LOL

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