Weird conversations with my toddler

Do you love Deanna’s “Gage Says” posts as much as I do?? Saturday mornings are a little brighter thanks to those weekly posts with Gage’s hysterical commentary.

This week, I have some gems from conversations with my own silly kid to share:

“Our neighbors have a new cat!” (they do not) “It loves to pee and poop and play with mirrors and look at pictures of my daddy!”

“How about I have your cookie and you just look at mine?”

“When I was a little girl I didn’t like coffee. You remember that?”

“When I grow up I want to be Aunt Marissa. After that I might just become a daddy though.”

“When can I have pink hair?” her favorite roller derby player has a pink pixie cut





One thought on “Weird conversations with my toddler

  1. OMG she is the best!!! I really Love the Aunt Marissa thing….so great!! I think shes sucking up to get a super cool bday gift šŸ˜‰ Miss you guys!!!

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