so this is what a healthy weekend looks like



For the first time in 2013, this little family had a sickness-free weekend together!!  No vomiting, no fever, no flu symptoms, no ear infections, nothing!

We celebrated our good health with a home improvement project (finally filling in the massive gaps in our ancient hardwood floors), getting our taxes filed (hooray!), and going on a date night as a family.

Saturday night was spent dancing around Thorndike Creamery, where we had the place to ourselves to eat pizza & ice cream and draw on their massive chalkboard wall.

Hil&Nat IMG_7611 Nat&Chalk Hil&Nat&Chalk First Real Drawing

After filling our bellies and and laughing at Natalie’s antics, we hit the lanes for a little candlepin bowling.  Natalie loved it, which is good because she had already requested that we book the bowling alley for her 3rd birthday party.  The kid has a killer curve on her roll, and loved waiting for the balls to come back down the track so she could line them up before her next turn.

IMG_7643 IMG_7665

Yeah, I could get used to family time that isn’t spent nursing each other back to health.

Oh, and child bowling shoes?  Cutest.  Things.  Ever.



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