from her mouth to my blog



This weekend has been all about recovering and resting; two full weeks of the sickies have taken their toll on our little household.  I am ready to say I am finally over the flu, Mike has been fever-free for over 24-hours, and miss Natalie is on Day 2 of her antibiotic to clear up a double ear infection.  As those of you with children surely know, that antibiotic is doing a number on her digestive system, which was another reason to stick close to home this weekend.

My little love was feeling well enough to dig into her dress-up box last night, which I took as a sign that she is finally on the mend.  She piled on a tutu, her rubber boots, a wizard hat, a butterfly face mask, and waved her pinwheel around like a wand while dancing around the house.  It felt awfully good to have a cheerful kiddo around again.  The day-after-day grouchy, sick, listless kiddo has hopefully left the building.

Also a sign that miss Nat is feeling more like herself?  She has been spouting off tons of zingers in nearly every conversation we have.  Here are my favorites from the past couple of days:

– While looking over my shoulder at the ads in the Facebook sidebar:  “Who is that?   Probably just someone else I don’t like.”

– “When I grow up, I want to be a grandma!  Which do you want to be, Daddy:  a seagull, a dada, or an elf?”

– “Thanks for getting my juice, Mama.  You’re so thankful when you get me juice, right?”

– Looking at my new tattoo:  “Can my dinosaur eat that boo boo off your arm?”

– Talking to her doll, ‘Baby Natalie:’ “No, Baby Natalie!  Stop that!  Oh, I’m sorry I raised my voice.  You just made me so mad!”

– While getting frustrated at bedtime because she had to brush her teeth:  “I just have to walk away from this right now.  Let me walk away!”


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