As if last weekend’s epic stomach bug wasn’t enough, this weekend our little budgie has come down with the flu.  We got her feverish little self in to see the on-call pediatrician this afternoon, who diagnosed her with a strain of influenza and prescribed TamiFlu.  The TamiFlu has already made her start vomiting, and we’re bracing ourselves for the nightmares & insomnia & diarrhea that usually also accompany the drug.  Ugh.

In Natalie’s words, “I feel a little bit sicky, Mom.”  It breaks my heart to see my little lovebug so worn out and achy and listless.  We’ve set up our pullout couch as her daytime sickbed, and plan on a full day of liquids & electrolyte popsicles & movies tomorrow.  We’re expecting to ride out this wave of illness within a few days, if it follows the pattern of the flu strains Mike and I have both seen at our respective schools.  We’re already doing some of the mental planning for the likely day off this bug will necessitate each of us take… here’s crossing our crossables that neither of us end up coming down with it in the process.

Have any of your (and/or your littles) had the flu this season?  Any home remedies to recommend??


One thought on “sickies

  1. I hope you guys are on the mend! I’m a firm believer in the powers of thyme tisane. Steep it good and strong, doctor it with honey. Thyme’s a natural anti-septic. And it’s tasty, too. I don’t know if the littles can have it, though – it’s pretty potent stuff and I know there’s advice not to take it if pregnant or nursing…

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