natalie says: age 2 years & 9 months


Every so often, I realize that I haven’t been keeping track of the hysterical things Natalie has been saying and my heart breaks a bit when I imagine the day when I will no longer remember them without reading them in a baby book (er, blog).

So here are the latest snippets of our conversations with Natalie:

– “I have a boyfriend now.  We go to the movies and eat popcorn and to restaurants and hear Rumour Has It.”

– As she snuggles next to me in bed, pulling me so tight that my mouth is almost directly on her ear:  “What’s that noise, Mommy?! You sound like a dragon [makes fire-breathing sound].”

– Lying on her back, looking up at our dining room ceiling:  “Wanna look at clouds with me?  I see a lion roaring by and a kangaroo.  Uh-oh, let’s get outta here!”  [gets up & runs into the other room screaming]

– “I made a snowman at daycare, but I think I better kick him later.”

– Anytime we are getting her dressed or carrying her somewhere she doesn’t want to go:  “DON’T TOUCH MY BODY!”

– “Which one you like?” [holds out two objects.  whichever one you pick, she will inevitably hold out the other one] “You mean this one?”

– Singing her favorite Christmas carol: “Jingle bells, jingle all the way! Oh muff-un it is to ride in a wun-a-open sleigh! Pffffft!”


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