christmas morning highlights {4}







This is the final Christmas morning post, I promise. But don’t you want to see every single detail of my family’s Christmas fun??

We left our house late in the morning on Christmas day so that we could spend the rest of the holiday with my parents and grammy. We ate our faces off and laughed at Natalie’s antics and fell asleep on the couch while watching Elf and eating trifle. It was a pretty splendid little day.

While Christmas isn’t all about presents under the tree, I do have to take a moment to express my gratitude over the generosity our friends and family show Natalie at the holidays. Under the tree this year were dolls and houses for them to play in, instruments to shake, clothes to wear, puzzles to assemble, books to read, horses to rock on, paper dolls to dress, stuffies to cuddle, and money to save. Words can’t really express how it feels to see such a (material, I know) outpouring of love for your child from so many people. We tried to keep Christmas “small” at our end (Santa answered Nat’s wishes for a purse and a watch, we surprised her with a trampoline & a few other small goodies), but there was no holding back her extended family. It was truly a bountiful Christmas.


2 thoughts on “christmas morning highlights {4}

  1. How am I just now realizing that you have a different blog?!! I have been wondering where you were!! SO good to catch up on your family and all that’s been happening. Nat is growing so fast!!!

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