in the lane snow is glistening



We had another holiday-themed family weekend around here.  Despite Natalie alternating between her sweet toddler self and some kind of possessed teenage demon in a toddler’s body, we managed to have a pretty decent time while we visited Santa, watched the snow fall (& melt), put up & decorated our Christmas tree, and got started on our annual Advent tradition.

In closely related holiday news:  Natalie has decided that she loves Santa this year.  After two years of tears and terror, our girl is officially obsessed with St. Nick.  We waited in line for nearly 45 minutes yesterday to have a picture taken with Mr. Claus after he got off a boat in Rockport Harbor, and Natalie didn’t utter a peep of complaint.  She was truly so excited to see Santa again (and, let’s be honest, so excited about the subsequent candy cane), that she happily stood in line and waited patiently for her turn to take a seat on Santa’s knee.  A local photographer took free pictures of all the kids with Santa–I’m crossing my fingers we get a decent one out of the deal this year.


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