We decided to be a family of random superheroes this year for Halloween, which was a moderate success in costuming.  Aside from Natalie refusing to wear her mask & cape, and my costume turning out to be totally see-through from the back, we looked pretty darn cute.
Nat woke up on Halloween morning completely cranky and in no mood to wear her costume to daycare.  It took all of my toddler-wrangling skills & best bribery to get her to at least wear the full Hit-Girl ensemble for a couple of photos before ripping it all off.  Peanut butter cups, I owe you.
We managed to snap a couple of pictures of the fam in the backyard before heading out for early evening trick-or-treating.  Rain threatened to pour down on us most of the time we were out, and we narrowly missed some torrential stuff.  But we managed to stay dry, and Natalie was a whole different kid this year as we went around the neighborhood collecting candy.

Seriously, she literally skipped her way from house to house and kept saying “Just one more, Mommy!”

She was an old pro at the knock, say “trick-or-treat,” smile big, say “thank-you” routine by the end of our rounds.  I was awfully proud of her as she waved goodbye to every house and shouted in glee at every treat she got in her bag.  

Natalie’s highly inappropriate Hit-Girl costume was a combination of TJ Maxx leggings & skirt, Wal-Mart tee & boots, online purchased cape & mask & purple hair spray (which seemed to evaporate after about 45 seconds).


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