a vacation from vacationland

We headed to New Hampshire for a weekend getaway to Story Land, and had a chance to gather a handful of the wee cousins on my dad’s side of the family in one place for lunch and a photo-op.  There may be nothing more challenging than getting 7 small children to occupy the same patch of grass and smile for a camera.  I don’t think I got one picture of all of them (or even one of them!) looking at the camera or smiling.  Luckily, they are all so gosh-darn cute that even when they are distracted and not at all interested in a photo shoot, they are pretty heart-melting.
Here are a few of the rapid-fire clicks I took before the kids all dispersed in various directions:
Brogan, Elijah, Natalie, Kate, Brooke

Kiernan joins the mix….

Natalie starts the running-away stampede

Micah shows up in the corner, Elijah gets a grouchy face on, and they all crouch ready to bolt


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