steppin’ out saturday: freezin’ in april edition

Brrrrrr!  I can’t believe it’s almost May and we’re still bundling up in turtlenecks & sweaters.  Despite the chilly, windy weather, this weekend ended up being a really satisfying mix of lazy & productive.  Mike let me sleep in this morning, before I threw on some warm clothes and headed out to grab coffee with a friend (and talk over an exciting new venture!  I’ll share more when we’ve actually done more than just preliminary planning.).  Here is what I wore to eat a scone & have girl talk, and what Natals wore for a lunch date and grocery shopping with Daddy:

On Mama:  Boots:  JCP // Leggings:  Target // Turtleneck tunic:  thrifted // Jacket:  Gap // Earrings:  Sam Moon
On the budgie:  Leggings & tunic:  TJ Maxx // Layered turtleneck:  Wal-Mart // Shoes:  Payless // Hair bow:  a gift from the Easter Bunny
I hope you all had great weekends!  I have more to share from ours, but I’ll save it for another post.  I’m linking up with Mandy for Steppin’ Out Saturday–make sure to wander over and check out all those stylish mamas!

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