most random post ever? maybeeeee.

Some random pictures & random thoughts (blame daylight savings for my scattered brain–I still don’t even know what time it is):

* We’ve been having a BALL with Natalie’s fleet of kiddie cars.  Yesterday’s sunshine snuck up on us in the afternoon and we had a surprise 60+ degree day to bust out the tricycle that our neighbors have loaned the Natster.  She hasn’t exactly mastered the whole pedaling thing, but she is getting better with practice.  Watching her go riding off (even just a few feet ahead of me) in her helmet made me get a huge lump in my throat–she really is growing up so fast!

* Have I mentioned that Natalie’s birthday party is THIS WEEKEND?!?!  We are hitting the road for upstate NY on Friday afternoon and spending the weekend with friends and family.

* Have you tried the caramel almond coffee that’s out at Dunkin’ Donuts right now?  It’s amazing.

* I love Skype.  Seriously.  In the past couple of weeks, we’ve been able to chat face-to-face with both of Natalie’s godparents, two sets of her grandparents, and her Uncle Harper.  She starts to get antsy if we’ve gone more than a couple of days without “a-skyping!” & I love how technology allows her to stay so close to the people she loves who live far away.

* It’s spring, right?  I’m hoping we don’t get a random spring snowstorm to prove me wrong, because I have switched my brain over to spring mode.  Did a little fertilizing & seeding on our weedpatch of a back lawn last night, and had the doors & windows wide open all afternoon to let the warm air in.  It really hasn’t been a bad winter, but I am definitely ready for all the fun that warmer temperatures will bring to our little family.

What random stuff is on your mind this morning?  Share, please!

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