steppin’ out. er, stayin’ in.

We haven’t been doing much Stepping Out lately.  This season has been all about hunkering down and snuggling up, with hot drinks & Christmas lights & family meals.  It’s been glorious.  I’m not a die-hard fan of winter, but this build-up to Christmas is always my very favorite time of year.  It’s the only time I wish for snow, and feel completely satisfied with a good book and an early bedtime.
Natalie’s Gma & Gpa (or, as she says, Memaw & Pepaw) weree visiting this weekend, so we broke the sweatpants routine long enough to share an early merry evening of gift-giving.  Here is what we wore (please not that there is not one picture here that doesn’t have one of us in a busy blur):

On Mama:
Jeans:  TJ Maxx
Black sweater:  Old Navy
Leopard-print button-down:  Penney’s sale rack a while back
On the budgie:
Jeans:  thrifted Carter’s
Blue undershirt:  thrifted Carter’s
Flannel button-down:  Wal-Mart…?  I think
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