advent recap {pt 2}

Week 2 of our Advent Calendar fun has been pretty sweet.  Aside from a couple of nights when Natalie was a bit overtired and just not into reading a new book, thank-you very much, we’ve had a great time tearing open each gift and spending time as a family before bedtime.

Night 6:    little tree, by e.e. cummings

Night 7:  Winnie the Pooh’s Sweet Christmas
Night 8:  The 12 Days of Christmas, gifted by Auntie Amelia & Uncle Jay (did you know it was 4 colly birds?!) 

Nights 9 & 10 (I had to work late on Friday so Mikey saved the book for us to open together the next night):  Can You See What I See? and a string of Christmas lights to play with in the dark

Night 11:  Cocoa with candy canes
Things we have learned so far:  Natalie is almost always in a state of undress by 6pm, apparently; we should probably just be re-wrapping Elmo’s Merry Christmas lift-the-flap book each night, since that’s what she wants to read all day every day now; time spent as a family on the couch with a book is absolutely priceless.

2 thoughts on “advent recap {pt 2}

  1. it's so funny how they get stuck into reading ONE BOOK all the time, right? well, it looks like she's got a lot of choices if she decides to try something new :)

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