tradition, tradition!

^ bonus points if you can name that musical!
Last year I read a post of Georgina’s about starting a Christmas book advent calendar tradition, where you wrap a holiday/winter-themed book for every night of advent and open it to read together each evening (and just re-wrap the same books every year).  I’ve since been collecting Christmas books in anticipation of starting this tradition in our home, but I came up a little short (holy heck is that a lot of books!).  After doing the math and looking around on Pinterest for some other advent ideas, I determined that I have enough books to open one for each weeknight of advent and wrapped up a special “experience” for every weekend night (like making cocoa or watching a Christmas movie).  I got everything wrapped and set up on the mantle this week, and I’m sosososo excited to start this tradition at the end of next week.


6 thoughts on “tradition, tradition!

  1. Oohh You could use Natalies Christmas present from us, I remember you saying you were going to do this so we got her lots of books as her gift (not christmas themed tho)

  2. aghh. I just wrote a comment and then when I tried to post it, it didn't work and then deleted it. I hate when that happens. Anyway so we are doing this advent as well and are so excited to start it. I ahve to say thought your book wrapping is beautiful. You definitely put more work into it than me. I also love you idea of mixing in activities. I have seen activity advent ideas but it seems like a lot to do them everyday. One of the craft blogs I read is also doing a book advent and I figured I would share it with you since it has a lot of books I had never heard of that could be cute. I hope this is the link directly to her post… enjoy and have a nice december.

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