Happy A-Ween (as Natalie says)!  We can’t wait for some chilly “a-treating” this afternoon (is my kid the only one who says “a” before the start of EVERY word?!  It’s maybe the funniest and cutest thing I have ever heard in my life)! 

Miss Natalie is off at her daycare Halloween party this morning, and I’m enjoying a few hours to myself around the house.  So far it’s been a nice mix of belting Taylor Swift at the top of my lungs and actually being productive by making some headway in our laundry room transformation project (more on that later this week).

I’ve got lots more to write, including how I totally didn’t realize my child is 19 months old until days after the fact, how wonderful our lazy weekend at home was, and, soon, A-Ween pictures of us in our Star Wars costumes.

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