steppin’ out: random date edition

 It’s anniversary week here in MooHooVille (3 years on Tuesday!!), and Mikey and I decided to kick it off with a rather random afternoon/evening out to ourselves today.  Natalie’s baby-sitter was available, so we left the kid behind for a few hours and went out for cocktails & appetizers, and then made our way to the movie theater to see what was playing in our timeframe.  We ended up seeing 50/50, which I knew nothing about going in and ended up really enjoying.

Natalie, as usual, did not cooperate for outfit photos.  But she did ham it up over some Goldfish crackers and milk while I got dressed.  Here is what she wore from the waist up:

And here is what I wore for a casual date out with the Moo:

On the budgie:

Top:  Old Navy

On mama:

Sweater:  NY&Co.
Leggings:  Target

Shoes:  Payless

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