steppin’ out: get funky edition

Last night we stepped out to a 70s-themed housewarming party.  The place our friends just bought is totally retro, with avocado colored appliances and wood paneling and groovy flowered carpeting.  My favorite part was the classic rotary phone, which I meant to have a little photo-op with, but completely forgot.

Before they go tearing those vintage details apart, they decided to have an open house in the spirit of the decor.  I tried to do my best 70s Liz Taylor (you know, tunic dress, calf-high boots, floppy hat), and this is what I came up with:

Natalie got in the spirit of things as well, with a flowy embroidered top and some oversized jeans that I hoped could pass for baby bell bottoms.

On Mama:
Dress:  Goodwill
Shell Necklace:  gifted
Legwarmers:  Goodwill
Boots:  St. John’s Bay
Hat:  gifted

On the budgie:

Embroidered top:  Baby Gap
Jeans:  thrifted & gifted, no tag

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