steppin’ out: country fair edition!

We stepped out as a family to the Union Fair yesterday, which was such a fun way to spend a morning together. We went early partly to avoid the heat of the day, but mostly to avoid all the craziness of the crowds. I’m still not at a point where I’m comfortable letting Natalie out of her stroller in big social situations like that; the thought of her dashing off into a crowd instantly makes my heart race and my face sweat.

So, to appease my paranoia, we headed to the fair early in the day and got to scope out the animals, rides, and food among other young families (and more than a few geriatrics). The place was quiet and still clean(ish) and I wasn’t overly worried about the sun and, you know, the kidnapping potential.

Here’s a look at our day:

daddy & daughter / prize-winning veggies / foolish shoe choice for the fair (wedges & horse poo don’t mix)

meeting a horsey / longing for big-kid rides / petting the goats

devouring blueberry pie / posing as a family with an always-distracted baby

And what we wore….

On the Mama:

Dress: NY&Co.

Leggings: Old Navy

Wedges: American Eagle for Payless

Sunnies: Steve Madden

& no-heat curls!

On the budgie:

Tank: Wal-Mart

Overalls: thrifted & gifted Children’s Place

Sneaks: Payless (?)

Rosette bobby pin: gifted Children’s Place (thanks, Linds!)

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