We took Natalie to Merryspring Nature Center two days in a row after a summer of zero visits there. Just a few minutes into our first trip we realized the error of our ways. Natalie was thrilled to be able to run as fast and far as her little heart desired, and Mike and I were thrilled to be able to give her a wide open space to explore.

Day 1: Rolling in the grass with Daddy & checking out the Children’s Garden before a rainstorm shortened our visit.

Day 2: Discovering yesterday’s rain puddles & walking along the benches of the “Baboo” (Gazebo) a la Liesel in the Sound of Music & exploring new walking trails

I know that putting it out on the interwebs will absolutely jinx it, but we have had the best couple of days with our little gal. She’s slept well, been full of cuddles and kisses, and put on a fabulous show of waving bye-bye and giggling in every public place we’ve entered. I hardly know what to do with myself on days when everything seems to go so well. I know it cycles back around, and soon we’ll be back to 2am screeches and grocery store tantrums, but I’m enjoying a little breather of pure fun from my sweet budgie.

I hope you’ve had equally as fabulous days!


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