our little firecracker

It’s been a little quiet on the MooHoo blog, but only because it’s been quite the opposite in the MooHoo household these days. The holiday weekend has extended my summertime 4-day weekends into a little mini-vacation, complete with our favorite houseguest (Harper!). We’ve been a bit careless with all things food, drink, and sleep related, and have needed today for some recovery. Mike let me sleep in until almost 10 (!!), and he and Natalie are currently playing catch-up on sleep right now.

The 4th of July isn’t really a holiday that I get overly excited about, but any excuse to dress up the budgie is fine by me. Our friend Erin made Natalie this sweet little number, which she wore yesterday:

And Natalie’s Gma sent this sweet outfit, which she’s wearing today:

Today we’re hoping to hit up the beach while it’s so sunny & hot, and I think we might actually stay in for a meal for the first time in days. All that carelessness with our meals has pretty much meant carelessness with our wallets, too. Oops!


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