new york state of mind

We’re settling back in at home after our whirlwind trip to New York. There is so much to share, after this little bloggy vacation, but I have to admit to being just plain worn out after running the roads this week.

Really, the driving was a dream (Natalie did so well!), and we had wonderful visits with our family and friends. The challenge when we visit the Empire State, we are finding, is that there is simply not enough time to see everyone, or even to have a real visit with everyone we do see. We always drive away from our former home city feeling like time went too quickly, like we did not adequately cover all of our bases.

This trip was no exception–racing a bit to see as many of the people we love as possible. We did pretty well, I’d say, though we certainly did not get to everyone and everything.

Here are some picture highlights from our long weekend:

Breakfast & playtime with Carly; generally being loved on by grandparents; a playdate with Evie’s mama, Cecilia & Delilah’s mama, and cousin Carly’s mama; and takeout with the Gebbies (you know, Tylea who should be blogging).

3 thoughts on “new york state of mind

  1. we DID have a wonderful time! it was just such a rush to get everything in, and we didn't have even half the time we needed to see everyone. linds, the little pebbles baby is rex & fanesia's daughter evie. such a cutie pie!

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