mondays are hardest after a good weekend

Getting out of bed this morning was h-a-r-d. I even made Mike give me just 5 more minutes so I could pretend like I was able to go back to sleep. I suppose Mondays are always tough, but they somehow seem more difficult to accept when you’re coming off a great little weekend.

Ours was a good one, just the right mix of lazy and active. Friday night was the 80’s dance party, Saturday was a total rest day complete with naps and catching up on last week’s tv shows, and then yesterday we hit the road to Portland to have brunch with my sister and her fiance.

The food was yum and the company was great.

We hit up Target after brunch and I picked up a couple of super cute dresses for Natalie, including the one that she wore to daycare this morning:

Sometimes she is so cute it hurts.

Making Monday tougher was a pretty rotten daycare drop-off; Natalie’s usual teachers are both out sick today, and it was a bit hectic in there this morning as other staff switched around and tried to get caught up on the routines of all the little ones in Natalie’s room. The budgie had a major meltdown when it was time for me to say bye-bye, and I feel terrible leaving her like that.

Ugh, Monday, you are such a downer.


3 thoughts on “mondays are hardest after a good weekend

  1. @mason's mom: i know, i feel like she is just getting cuter every day. aren't you loving this age??@anna: thanks! somehow i survived monday, and now that it's mostly over it doesn't seem so bad 🙂

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