like mama, like daughter

I see glimpses of me and Mike in Natalie’s little face every day–she has his eyes, and my nose, and both of our ginormous cheeks–but sometimes one of us stands out in her features more than usual. Today, I see myself. Here are a couple of my one-year portraits:

And here is miss Natalie, wearing that same little flowery top:

What do you think? Like mother, like daughter?


8 thoughts on “like mama, like daughter

  1. omgosh she looks soooo much like you!! She def. has your nose! Too sweet! I dont have any baby pics of myself, but we did find a baby video and I can barely see myself in Dad can so I must be missing something lol…Natalie def. has alot of your features..its amazing that you still have the same top also!! Too precious!

  2. is it bad that i like hearing that she looks like me…? haha.she definitely has a lot of mikey in her features, but there are lots of times now that she's getting older when i definitely see me.@marissa: i SO see you in carly!! actually i think that from the beginning she has looked so much like you, and really only as she's gotten older have i seen tj in her. she's a doll 🙂

  3. Thanks Hil!! Your right that is nice to hear!! I dont think its a bad thing to like hearing that…all I ever hear is HOW much she looks like T.J…I showed T.J. those pics when he came home from lunch and he thought for sure that it was Natalie in all of the pictures, he thought the actually Natalie pics were photoshops of the originals, which were actually your baby pics lol

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