smiley topless baby photo overload

Sorry for the number of pictures in this post, but I just couldn’t pick which ones to include!

Natalie and I have had a great day off together so far, with a trip to the grocery store in the morning and lots of playtime after her lunch. She managed to cover herself in the fish I cooked up for her midday meal so, in addition to smelling like an aquarium, it was topless Tuesday for her while we played before naptime.

Her favorite game lately is handing things to us and then dissolving into a fit of giggles when we say an enthusiastic “Thank-you!” Here are some pictures from our 25+ minutes of doing just that, with the spices on one of the kitchen shelves:

Check out those top teeth, too! She’s got 7 pearly whites all poked through–it’s hysterical to see her give us a toothy grin now instead of her former gummy smile.

Other excitement from today? The little budgie took 2 whole steps on her own (before promptly falling on her face into my lap)! She looked completely terrified during and after, and hasn’t even attempted to stand up on her own since, but they were definitely 2 tentative big-girl steps!


5 thoughts on “smiley topless baby photo overload

  1. Ha, I love how she's like a tiny grinning sumo in that last picture with her hair on top of her head. Or a hockey player, 'cause of her limited number of teeth.

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