snowed in & showin’ some love

Happy Snow Day, East Coast! I’m pretty sure all of us in the Northeast are hunkering down as best we can today. Mikey found out late yesterday afternoon that he would have today off due to the weather, so we toasted our impromptu “Friday” with a too-sweet Moscado and braced ourselves for another foot of snow. It’s actually looking like it’ll be more in the neighborhood of 18 inches, with some predicted estimates of 2 feet!

While I am a bit concerned about where the cuss we’re going to put all this new snow, it was awfully nice to wake up next to Moo & Natalie without the buzz of the alarm. We’ve had a quiet day in, alternating shoveling & snowblowing with some light housecleaning and tv on dvd. I’m planning some delightful scrapbook time later this evening after the last round of snow removal for the day.

Another reason today has been pretty stinkin’ great? I woke up to find that sweet Kendra of Planet Kendar recognized me with a Liebster Award!

I got connected with Kendra (who answers to Kendar) through a Steppin’ Out Saturday link-up over at Harper’s Happenings a few weeks back. She’s witty and funny and shares my love for HGTV, in addition to parenting sweet little Lindsey. She was gifted with a Liebster Award, which is a way to recognize smaller blogs (you know, the ones you lovelovelove reading but that don’t necessarily have sponsorship or hundreds of followers), and passed along a nomination to me. I’m so tickled over it, it seriously made my whole day!

It’s now my job to pay it forward. My pick for a Liebster Award is mr. & mrs. pelton, a blog I have been following for a while now. Danielle recently found out she’s pregnant (!!!!!), which has added a whole new level of sweet and adorable to her blog. I love following along with her funny commentary on everything from favorite tv shows to morning sickness to her sweet pup Millie. I can’t wait to hear more about Baby Pelton over the next few months!

And, just because I couldn’t deny you some sweet pictures of Natalie on our snow day, here are some shots of her checking out the snow & playin’ around the house in her new favorite hairdo:


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