freebie friday: crabby abby designs!

You probably thought I forgot about all my big talk on the subject of Freebie Fridays, didn’t you? Well, they’re back! I’m no longer making outlandish promises to have one every week, but I am still working with some amazingly crafty women to get handmade freebies on the blog at least once a month.

This week I am so excited to offer a giveaway from Jen at Crabby Abby Designs! As a mom of a little girl, Jen has also experienced the hassle of keeping a child’s rapidly growing hair out of her eyes, and took matters into her own hands last summer–she started making super cute, stretchy, reversible headbands that her daughter wouldn’t mind wearing. Soon after that, she began making them for her daughter’s friends and, not surprisingly (c’mon, have you seen how cute they are?!), they became popular among grown-ups, too.

You might remember that I was lucky enough to receive matching mommy-daughter headbands from Jen’s collection as a Christmas gift from our friend Jamie. The most fabulous part of the headbands when I first opened them was that they were cherry print (The Moo’s last name, ya know)! They are so, so cute, and the child-sized one actually stays on Natalie’s head, which is a miracle in itself.

Here’s a glimpse at some of my favorite Crabby Abby designs:

So cute, right? And, did I mention they’re all reversible? Love.

How do you win one, you ask? Well, Jen has generously offered up a set of matching headbands–one for a grown-up sized head, and one for a wee one’s noggin. The winner will get to work with Jen to decide which patterns will be on the headbands. To enter to win, become a fan of the Crabby Abby Designs page on Facebook, and let me know that you did by either leaving a comment on the blog or sending me a Facebook message. Easy! The headbands make great, unique gifts, and the patterns are really fun.

You can also check out the Crabby Abby featured products at Itty Bitties Boutique. Spread the word & be sure to enter by midnight on Sunday. Natalie and I will randomly draw a winner on Monday!


6 thoughts on “freebie friday: crabby abby designs!

  1. oh yeah I like those designs! My (soon to be) step daughter has THE CRAZIEST hair! and it's ALWAYS in her face! it'd be so so great if I could get her to wear headbands (of course I wear headbands alot, and if they'd stay on my head I'd wear them a lot more!)

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