(belated!) steppin’ out saturday – 11.20.10

We stepped out as a family this past Saturday for a trip to the Rumpus Room with the Armstrong-Hay family. It was such a treat to see that little string-bean Claira, who was so, so sweet with Natalie all day.

I was happy to rock some pre-pregnancy clothes that spent last winter hidden away in my closet while I was busy growing a human. Oh, leather jacket, how I missed you. The cool fall weather lately has been perfect for scarves, mid-weight jackets, and boots. My favorite!

Here we are, ready to head out for some playtime:

And here are some sweet shots from our playdate:

Truly, it was a great weekend. Friday night Natalie actually slept through the night, and in addition to Rumupus-ing about, we spent our weekend doing an early Thanksgiving dinner with my parents, getting out to a movie (Harry Potter!), and sharing a bottle of wine. I have lots of pictures from the past couple of days that I’ll post before we make the drive to New York for the holiday.

Happy short-work-week (it’s Mikey’s Thursday!), and best of luck with all the pre-Turkey Day cooking and prep!


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