so long white shoes

Happy Labor Day! We’ve been enjoying a gorgeous weekend visiting with Natalie’s Uncle Harper. Visits with Uncle Harper mean late nights, good food, and too much to drink. Not a bad way to spend a long weekend.

This morning Natalie and I let the boys sleep in and took an early walk. It feels like Fall with a capital C today (you know: Cool, Crisp, Corduruoy-wearing, Crockpot-cooking, Cider-drinking Fall), which could only mean one thing: time to finally make use of the fleecey bear suit outerwear I found on the TJ Maxx sale rack a few weeks back. It’s been begging to be worn, and Natalie looked like the picture of Fall in it: Cozy, Comfortable, Content.

Having the cutest baby in the world dressed in a bear suit attracts some attention; Natalie was the cause of lots of smiley stares, ooohs, waves, and awwwws. We enjoyed a leisurely stroll down Main Street, grabbed coffee (and scones for the boys), and spent some time looking out at the water before heading home. We had the Boardwalk to ourselves save for a few other mamas and similarly-bundled babies, and Natalie was completely happy to gaze at the sparkly ocean and make her typical frowny-face at the other babies who toddled by.

When we got home Natalie was in the mood for some snuggles:

By “snuggles,” she also meant “waking up daddy so mommy could take a shower:”

She’s currently napping off all that morning excitement and we’re getting ourselves dressed and ready to hit up the Farnsworth and maybe a couple of galleries if they’re open on the holiday.

I can already tell I am going to l-o-v-e this Fall.


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