just a few photos of the fussyface

So I finally posted this super long post that I’ve been writing for the past several days, and it published under an old date… and since I’m not technologically savvy enough to figure out how to make it post to the correct date, there it remains. If you’d like to read through my lengthy ramblings, click here. And if you’d just like to see some adorable photos of Natalie, then skip that old post and just enjoy this one!

This past weekend was the Flagg family reunion at China Lake, and the budgie was passed from one gorgeous cousin to the next. Here she is with the now-all-grown-up Alice:

And looking like her usual grouchy self with high school grad Shanti:

Here she is just generally looking cute:

Grabbing her toes on her changing table, and doing her best to get them up to her mouth:

And here she is in a onesie I made for her that pretty much sums up what she’d like to be doing at all times now that she’s discovered how to make sloppy, wet, razzing noises:


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