home improvement

We are in major recovery mode after our whirlwind weekend in New Hampshire for the Taylor family reunion. I have lots of pictures and updates from our fun weekend on the road, but I’m a bit too exhausted to devote much time to a post today. So, instead of adorable pictures of my adorable baby, admire all the work we’ve done on the house lately, won’t you?

Here’s part of our postage-stamp-sized backyard last summer when we moved in:

And here it is now that we’ve managed to turn it into an actual little patch of (weedy) lawn, along with a little landscaping a la Mom:

Here’s the front of the house last year, complete with our old chimneys and former steps:

And here it is after Bill’s hard work rebuilding our front steps and with the most recent addition of our new roof:

From another angle last year:

And again just last week after the roofers left:

It’s looking so much better around here, Mikey and I are both feeling pretty proud of all the work we’ve completed in the past year and especially this summer. We have lots of more on our house to-do list, and are hoping we’ll have time before the summer is out to dress up the walkways, add some more flower beds, and put up a fence in the backyard. We’ll see if miss Natalie will play nice and let us get any of it done.

I’ll have pictures from the reunion up soon!


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