picture perfect

As promised, more pictures from our fantabulous Memorial Day weekend in upstate NY:

In other news, I’m so excited to share that two more eight+ pounders have recently entered the world: Baby Girl Schick-McPherson and Baby Boy Gebbie were welcomed with love by their parents this week! I can already tell that Natalie is super excited for these two new playmates to be joining her out here! Now we’re just waiting on Baby Taylor, Baby Sellick-Van Scoy, Baby Schultes, and Baby Wright-Parsons to round out the budgie’s social circle. I can’t wait to meet all these babies, and I’m sure our little grumpus is looking forward to it as well.

We’re heading into another packed weekend–Boothbay High graduation is tomorrow, so we’ll be getting the Natster all dolled up to meet the Class of 2010 and finally catch up with her galpal Claira at a graduation party. Then Mikey is hitting the road to chaperone the senior class trip so I’m heading north to my parents’ for the weekend. There will certainly be lots of pictures and updates on the weekend’s activities early next week! In the meantime, Happy Almost-Friday and have a great weekend! šŸ™‚


One thought on “picture perfect

  1. hey budgie. cawyn here. looks like i may be up north sometime late summer. you are the cutest thing this side of the mississippi. get ready for your close up. i cannot wait to see you! xoxo

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